Sunday, September 18, 2011

LEGOs - Battleship

Many months ago I posted images of two LEGO models, based on board games, that I planned to build, Clue and The Settlers of Catan. I am now in the process of building the Clue board. Due to the expensive of LEGOs this will take some time. However I'm hopeful I can have it finished by Christmas. This got me thinking about what other games would translate well to LEGOs. I quickly realized Battleship would be perfect.

After some trail an error determining the scale to go for I can now present my take on Battleship with LEGOs.

LEGO Battleship (no aliens allowed)

The Fleet

The Aircraft Carrier

The Battleship

The Cruiser

The Submarine

The PT Boat

Hits and Misses

The enemy fleet

Control panel built into the trim

You sunk my battleship! ...And all my other boats.

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