Friday, March 25, 2011

Bond - Live and Let Die Novel Cover

MI6 Community is having a Live and Let Die book cover contest and I thought I might take a stab at it. I went for something a little unusual. A retro 60s look that's heavy on typography where I was able to turn the number seven in a shark fin. I'm not sure I completely like it but it is different.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Video: The Dukes of Star Wars

A fun mash-up I did of Star Wars and The Dukes of Hazzard. The similarities in characters is quite amazing when you compare the two. There's actually several Star Wars/Dukes mash-ups out there but I like to think mine is the best.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bond - The Daniel Craig Collection Part One: 2005 - 2006

When Daniel Craig was announced as Bond there was a surprising amount of controversy. Many said he didn't look right for the part, he was too short, he was blond, he was NOT James Bond. Because of the doubt swirling out there my fan art took on more significance because now I had to try and prove that Craig could look like Bond.Thankfully EON released an image of Craig as 007 and the official logo for Casino Royale. I relied heavily on these images early on as my atempts to put Craig's head on Pierce Brosnan's body was only somewhat successful.

Monday, March 21, 2011

LEGOs: Clue and Settlers of Catan

Along with fan art and fan videos I enjoy making things out of LEGOs. I'm a huge fan of the board games "Cleu" and "Settlers of Catan." I thought it would be interesting to recreate these board games using LEGOs. Using LEGO's Digital Designer I recreated the games. Here's how they turned out.

First up is Clue.

CLUE Mansion

The Hallway

The Study

The Billiards Room and the Library

The Conservatory

The Ballroom

The Kitchen

The Dinning Room

The Lounge

And now Settlers of Catan.

The Island of Catan

Wheat Field

Sheep Farm (Front) Forest (Back)

Ore Mine (Front) Brick Quarry (Back)

Wheat, Ore, and Bricks

The Desert. Watch out for the Thief. He will steal you're resources.

A scenic view of Catan.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bond - The Pierce Brosnan Collection Part Four: 2005 - 2007

This final part contains my posters made between 2005 and 2007 and represents my best work featuring Pierce Brosnan. We start with a Casino Royale poster, at the time we still didn't know if Brosnan was coming back or not. My other poster are a mixture of the previous films and adaptation of Raymond Benson's Bond novels. His novel DoubleShot was the basis for my favorite Brosnan poster.

Bond - The Pierce Brosnan Collection Part Three: 2004 - 2005

As rumors were swirling that Casino Royale might be the next film I made several posters for a proposed Casino Royale with Brosnan as Bond. I also did an adaption of Raymond Benson's Bond novel "The Man with the Red Tattoo", it's my favorite from this group of posters.