Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bond - Videos Games: 2004 -2005

After the blockbuster success of GoldenEye 64 James Bond video games have become events in of themselves outside the film series. Pierce Brosnan's final performance as Bond was not "Die Another Day" but the video game "Everything or Nothing" which was released in 2004. Even Sean Connery was lured back to Bond voicing 007 in EA Games adaptation of "From Russia With Love." As I am not an avid gamer (I don't own any gaming consoles) I have very few Bond video game related posters in my portfolio. Easily some of my weakest posters.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Bond - Adam West Is James Bond! : 2004 - 2006

When Pierce Brosnan was let go (or fired depending on the story) from the role of James Bond the media went into a frenzy over who the next Bond actor would be. Before Daniel Craig was announced as James Bond in 2005 every British actor under the sun was rumored to be the next 007. This is not a new phenomenon. Ever since Sean Connery left the role in 1967 the rumor mill would churn out story after story claiming who the new James Bond would be. This is great fun for fan artists. It gives us the opportunity to try out a rumored actor and see how they would look as James Bond. Rumors range from the plausible, Clive Owen, to the unlikely, Adam West.

The majority of these posters were made during the build up to "Casino Royale" but we start with "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and what it would have looked like if Batman had played Bond.

And finally Gerald Butler with the worse photoshopped hair I've ever done.

Bond - Parodies: 2004 - 2006

Going through my folders I found that I had done a couple of Bond parody posters along with a poster for the 1967 version of "Casino Royale."