Monday, March 14, 2011

Star Wars - The Complete Saga Poster Series: 2004

Here's a series of posters I did for the Star Wars The Complete Saga, Episodes I - VI. I had originally done a poster for Revenge of the Sith based on the previous two prequel posters by Drew Struzan. It tuned out well enough I decided to do the entire series with various results. I love the majority of them but Attack of the Clones is too busy and lacks focus while A New Hope seems bit sparse. My favorite poster from this series is Return of the Jedi, although I quite like the one for The Phantom Menace.


  1. Hi! I'm a religion professor in Canada. I'm just finishing an edited academic book on religion in relation to Star Wars, mostly focusing on ideas of ”myth" in relation to fan culture. One of our authors is discussing the notion of "canon" and makes references to the Phantom Edit. As a visual for the chapter he was hoping to include an image (in black and white) of this poster, which I gather you made:

    Would you agree to let us use this image? The book will be published by Wipf + Stock this fall.

    Thanks for considering this request?


    Dr. Ken Derry
    Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
    Department of Historical Studies
    University of Toronto 

    1. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I have not checked my blog in quite some time.

      I did make the poster but it was reused and reedited by someone else for The Phantom Edit which I am not associated with nor do not support. However since my work is fan art and uses copyrighted material, in this case Star Wars, I do not have any legal claim over it.