Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bond - The Daniel Craig Collection Part Three: 2006

As more photo from the set became available it was becoming quite easy for anyone to make a Casino Royale poster. To distinguish my fan art from everyone else I began looking forward to future Bond films. Although Casino Royale was still months away I was having fun with the future. Looking back five years latter these are amusing "What if...?"

These two posters reimagines "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" for the Craig era. 

007 In New York is one of my all time favorite posters. The body is actually that of Pierce Brosnan in front of a green screen for Die Another Day publicity photos. A removed his head and replaced it with Daniel Craig's. I was unable to remove some of the green spill in the original photo so I simply made the poster green as well. It was out quite well and gives the sense of night vision goggles. Tilting the New York city skyline also gives the senses of motion, accentuated with multiple lines, I like to think Bond is hanging out the window of a New York City cab.

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