Monday, March 21, 2011

LEGOs: Clue and Settlers of Catan

Along with fan art and fan videos I enjoy making things out of LEGOs. I'm a huge fan of the board games "Cleu" and "Settlers of Catan." I thought it would be interesting to recreate these board games using LEGOs. Using LEGO's Digital Designer I recreated the games. Here's how they turned out.

First up is Clue.

CLUE Mansion

The Hallway

The Study

The Billiards Room and the Library

The Conservatory

The Ballroom

The Kitchen

The Dinning Room

The Lounge

And now Settlers of Catan.

The Island of Catan

Wheat Field

Sheep Farm (Front) Forest (Back)

Ore Mine (Front) Brick Quarry (Back)

Wheat, Ore, and Bricks

The Desert. Watch out for the Thief. He will steal you're resources.

A scenic view of Catan.

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