Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bond - The Timothy Dalton Collection: 2004 - 2007

As with George Lazenby I have a limited number of posters for Timothy Dalton. His two Bond films were made during a time of financial instability at MGM. There would be a six year delayed before a third Dalton film could be released. By this time Dalton had moved on and the role fell to Pierce Brosnan who would relaunch the series to great success. Because of this the two films staring Mr. Dalton were for many years underrated and to some extent ignored by the general public. In light of the new serious direction the series has taken with Daniel Craig the Dalton films are undergoing a reevaluation. While I personally feel his films are a mixed bag one this is quite clear, Mr. Dalton reestablished Bond as a serious character with dramatic weight ultimately paving the way for Casino Royale.

Of the posters I have made my favorite is the second version of The Living Daylights followed by Licence To Kill.

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